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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review – Toxic By Eve Langlais


Title : Toxic

Author: Eve Langlais

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Buy Link: Buy Toxic Here!

Rating : You Want To Read

Reviewed By : Jodie Pierce

Blurb :

Humans are for eating and I am not one to play with my food, so I’m baffled as to why one geeky mortal doctor makes me wish our kind could be together without my brand of love being toxic. As if suffering from human emotions isn’t problem enough, our world is about to engage in a war where our chances of survival are slim at best. And no one wants to listen.

But, I didn’t become the general of the vampire Queen’s army by being diplomatic. Everyone will fight in the upcoming battle, or they’ll feed my troops and me. Either way, all things living will do their part.

I am, after all, the Blood Countess: toxic lover to humans, vicious bitch to my enemies, and my word is law.

Review :

Elizabeth Bathory, the once young vampire Countess that bathed in virgins’ blood to stay young is back as Queen Lily’s General. She is next in line if something happens to the Queen which is not a responsibility Elizabeth wants. She would rather be the strong General, training troops and fighting the rising Daemons. It is her opinion that they need to educate the human population so that they might fight together against the Daemons, however the Queen does not think the humans are ready for that kind of information just yet, leaving the vampires alone to fight them. They’ve asked for help from the Dwarves, Dark Faeries, Merpeople, Pixies and Shifters. Queen Lily arranges for Dr. Raphael Angelus to come and observe/test Elizabeth, something that infuriates her but she will not go against her Queen. When the Doctor arrives, Elizabeth notices how handsome he is despite the nerdy glasses with his blonde hair and blue eyes. He hangs on her every word, takes her blood and observes her with her troops within her compound. She turns on her sexual prowess but he does not physically react which makes Elizabeth furious. On night she decides to take him out hunting Daemons. They come across one and she jumps into action only to be overpowered by a second. A beam of light comes from out of nowhere and kills the Daemon on top of her. She brings the first Daemon back to the lab for testing. He teases both Elizabeth and calls Raphael “A Shining One”. Once questioned, he refused to fight the Daemons so Elizabeth has him banished from the castle. He calls every day but she refuses to speak with him but realizes she loves him. They are reunited and she proclaimed she cannot have sex with him because the juices her pussy produces kill humans. Will they be able to consummate their love? Will she kill him? Who is he really? Who is this “Shining One” as he’s called?

The author has done a wonderful job in creating characters you really feel like you know and like. I could actually see the characters in my mind. She created a great scene that went alone with the characters as well. She drew me in and made me want to keep reading. I would recommend this book for those readers that like a strong female lead character, action and vampires.

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  1. Excellent review, Jodie. I love Eva's work and this book is actually in my TBR file. Thanks for the heads up and I love kick ass heroines.


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