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Monday, August 8, 2011

Review - The Whole Youth Worker by Jay Tucker

Title: The Whole Youth Worker

Author: Jay Tucker

Publisher: Loving Healing Press

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewer: Val

Youth ministry is difficult and you need every useful resource you can get your hands on. The Whole Youth Worker, 2nd Edition is advice straight from the heart of a guy who has been in the youth ministry trenches for over a decade. If you are a youth ministry rookie or a seasoned pro, The Whole Youth Worker, 2nd Edition should be on your resource shelf. Inside the 2nd Edition you will find advice on;

• Being a professional inside the office
• Dealing with criticism
• Balancing family and ministry
• Challenging your congregation's definition of success
• Creating a more parent-friendly ministry
• Creating a clear vision for ministry
• Ministering to others when your spirit is struggling
• Staying healthy as a form of worship

And new insights available only in the 2nd Edition include;
• Advice on interviewing well
• How to not let an event become bigger than God
• Successful youth ministry in a less than successful economy
• Celebrating success
• When good kids make bad choices
• an updated guide to the most healthful choices at the most popular fast food places in the country
• an inspiring foreword by America's Youth Leader, Jeanne Mayo

Although this book is written with the Youth Pastor in mind, I found it to be essential for anyone who may work with youth in any capacity. I am a person who can relate to humor so I found this book not only entertaining but informative as well. A well rounded book, just about every aspect of being a youth pastor was covered. From dealing with the parents to finding out you may not be the hero that you thought people would think you were, I found nuggets of information that will remain with me my entire lifetime.

In The Whole Youth Worker, you will find many topics covered such as a nutrition table that shows healthy options in bold, a list of lock in ideas as well as a list of movies and projects. Some were really funny and I plan to do a vast majority of them with my own children. God is not a boring God and Jay Tucker breathes a breath of life into what some people make a monotonous ritual.

Filled with all types of ideas for lock ins, menus and even small surprises for the kids you have been given the responsibility to watch over, The Whole Youth Worker is a must have book on every shelf. I personally work with younger children at church but have teenagers at home. This book has helped me as a resource guide in more ways than I can tell you. As a parent, I am reminded that no child is perfect. As a teacher, I have found a reliable resource in which I can refer to.

With a flair for the humorous, Jay Tucker has nailed it with this book. I laughed at moments and my heart was heavy at others. I highly recommend you pick up this book, you will not regret your decision to do so. I look forward to reading more from Jay Tucker in the future.

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  1. Thanks Val, for your kind words, on behalf of myself and Jay. We really appreciate the effort you put into the review!

    Do let us know if you would like any other titles from Loving Healing Press

    Victor R. Volkman, President


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