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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review – Assassins In Lace #4: Inferno By Jocelyn Michel


Title : Assassins In Lace 4: Inferno

Author: Jocelyn Michel

Publisher: Changeling Press

Buy Link: Buy Inferno Here!

Rating : You Need To Read

Reviewed By : Jodie Pierce

Blurb :

A florist by day, vampire Bianca DeLuca stalks werewolves by night. For years she has hunted Raffe Stefano, a notorious werewolf credited with multiple vampire kills.

When Bianca's apartment goes up in flames, fireman Raffe not only rescues her, but offers the shelter of his apartment. Though he surely can't be trusted, Bianca accepts his invitation, and they soon learn that their intense feelings for one another are based not in revulsion, but mutual lust. Will one murder the other? Or will passion ultimately consume them, intertwining their destinies forever?


Bianca DeLuca is a vampire whose mission in life is hunting werewolves, especially Raffe Stefano. She is obsessed with him and though she owns and works at her Buds and Blooms floral shop by day, at night, she is a ruthless stalker. They meet one night in an alley and wound each other but neither is ready to take the kill. They agree to save it for the next time. Later, Bianca’s apartment is consumed with fire and she is trapped in her bedroom and at the last minute a fireman breaks through the door and rescues her. The fireman turns out to be Raffe. She is frazzled and homeless so he offers her a truce and to stay at his place overnight. She makes herself at home in his apartment, on his orders and once he comes home he showers and puts both their clothes in the washer. Upon seeing Bianca’s thong he starts talking about sex and the two of them enter a night of never-ending pleasure for each of them. Bianca asks him if all werewolves have the stamina he has and he confirms it. Finally, she has too much of his cum/venom in her and she blacks out. When she comes to, she is disoriented and wants to forget the whole thing happened and leave. She makes him take her to a street away from her shop so he won’t know where she works. She falls asleep in her chair in the back room of her shop when she hears a scratching at the front door. She goes to it and it’s a dog who when she lets in turns into Raffe. He professes his love to her and attempts to persuade her to be with him forever. He even tells him her sisters in lace have taken up with werewolves. Will Bianca believe him? Will she leave her way of life for a new one?

The author was very explicit just to the perfect point. She took the characters and made you like one and hate the other and then confuse you by adding sex between the two. Her sex scenes were perfectly layed out so you could picture them in your head. The twist of the bad guy turning good was brilliant on her part as you didn’t see it coming. She did an awesome job and I would recommend this book to everyone who likes vampire/werewolf flesh on flesh stories.

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  1. Thanks, Jodie, for your time and a great review! I really, really appreciate it.



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