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Friday, September 30, 2011

Review – Blue Lady By Shelly Munro

Blue Lady

Title: Blue Lady

Author: Shelley Munro

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

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Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: Mickey


Middlemarch Mates, Book Ten

Saber and Emily are longtime mates. Happiness has been theirs, until the tragic loss of their unborn baby.

Saber is desperate. Emily has shut him out, wallowing in depression. They inhabit the same house but his loving mate has withdrawn, and he wants his happy, matchmaking woman back. It’s time to up the ante. Armed with a bag of sex toys from his wild twin brothers and a tropical island setting, Saber is determined to seduce his mate to his way of thinking, to drive the blues away, and he won’t take no for an answer.


Blue Lady is a rather simple book at first glance, Saber and Emily are mated but the bond is tested after the death of their unborn child. Their days are filled with the mundane and boring, but their nights are filled with Saber's attempts to cement their relationship. At times Ms. Munro writes an entertaining story however, there is not enough substance to keep it entertaining for a great length of time. I found it difficult to empathize with either character, as they were not portrayed in great depth even for a novella.

While the sex games offered by the brothers are entertaining to a certain extent, they do not make up for an entire book's worth of simple plot and dialogue, they just fill in for an easygoing story that rambles along at a steady pace until Saber and Emily find their way to a happy ending. I am still recommending this book with stipulations however, because it does have a good story, and some redeeming qualities.

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