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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Review – Heart of the Druid Laird By Barbara Longley

Heart of the Druid Laird

Title: Heart of the Druid Laird

Author: Barbara Longley

Publisher: Carina Press

Buy Link: Buy Heart of the Druid Laird Here!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell


Cursed with immortality, Dermot MacKay craves death. To lift the faerie curse placed upon him and his men over 1,600 years ago, he must return the soul of his reincarnated wife to the exact place and time of her murder. But her soul is currently residing in the very modern Sidney St. George—and first he has to convince her to accompany him to Scotland.

Sidney doesn't believe Dermot's wild claims of immortality and rebirth, yet she cannot deny that she is drawn to the sexy Scot. Nor can she explain the sense of déjà vu his touch elicits. Desperate for answers, she agrees to go with him—only to learn too late that to help the man she loves is to lose him forever...


Sidney St. George was under a mountain of debt and her family was dependant on her for their livlihood. Getting her fledgling gift shop operating in the black was her main focus. When she starts to have very realistic dreams warning her to beware of peril in the form of a Scotsman, she attributes the strange dreams to stress and perhaps the lack of a social life. Even after the gorgeous, mysterious and very Scottish, Dermot Mackay shows up at her shop demanding she make time for him, she still marks it down to coincidence. That is until Dermot explains that he is a Druid Laird who has been waiting over sixteen hundred years for her to break his curse. Then she just thinks he's crazy.

Dermot and Sidney were both very closed off characters at first. They were both intently focused on their goals, and it took some time to get to the people underneath. The secondary characters of Zoe (Sidney’s BFF and roommate) and Thomas (Dermot’s cousin and fellow cursee) were veritable fonts of information on the two main characters. At times it was as if they were narrating the story. This wasn’t a bad thing, it was just unusual and took me a minute to realize I actually liked it. The premise and storyline were superbly crafted and held my attention with a myriad of twists and turns, nasty surprises, evil Tuatha De’ Danann and some fairly hot romance. The characters of Dermot and Sidney really develop nicely in the second half of the book as he loses some of his rigidity and she gains a bit of snark. There were a couple of passages where she lets him have it with both barrels and I actually cheered because he did come across as a bit high handed. All things considered though, he was under a LOT of pressure.

The story really starts to gain momentum in the second half of the book and things move very quickly. By the end I was very emotionally involved in the drama of these characters and was just a tad teary eyed at parts. There are some heart stopping moments near the end. I enjoyed the journey and the time spent with all these yummy Scotsmen, and their ladies weren’t half bad either. I think Heart of the Druid Laird is a good way to spend a few hours and would do so again with little provocation.

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  1. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing HEART OF THE DRUID LAIRD, Wendy. I appreciate your kind words regarding my book. (Actually I'm thrilled.) :0)


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