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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review – Wolf Tales 12 By Kate Douglas

Wolf Tales 12

Title: Wolf Tales 12

Author: Kate Douglas

Publisher: Kensington Publishers

Buy Link: Buy Wolf Tales 12 Here!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


The Final Chapter

Gifted with exceptional strength and extraordinary sensuality, the shapeshifting Chanku have learned to survive on their own, far away from their one true home in the mountains of Montana. But as the years pass, the packs begin to long for one another, for the incredible passion they enjoy together and for the erotic pleasure they find only with their own kind…

It is then they hear Anton’s call. He has learned even more about the fascinating past of the Chanku. And the young girl, Lily, has made the most astonishing discovery of all…

The time has come for all Chanku to come together as one, to reclaim their primal past and to enter an amazing future that no one ever dreamed. Their epic journey is over, at least for now…


This is the last book in this wonderful series. If you have not been following it, you should be. In this final story the Chanku must all band together and face things as one. It has been years since what transpired in the last book and change has begun. I enjoyed Lily and her role in the book. There were so many questions answered and some new ones asked. I hope to get to visit Lily some more as she grows up and see what direction the pack will go from here.

The depth of the emotions that everyone feels in this book makes for a wonderful read. I especially enjoyed the love and the bond that Lily has with her father Anton. As always this author does a great job of pulling the reader into the wondrous world of the pack. I hope this is not the last that we see of them. I would love to go back and visit again.

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  1. Thank you so much for your generous review--and, fwiw, there will be a second generation series. I'm currently working on Lily's story in the new Spirit Wild series--her book, TO LOVE A DARK WOLF, is set in a near future when Lily is a young woman running one of the Chanku companies in San Francisco. She's a powerful wizard in her own right, quite possibly stronger even than her father...and Anton loves his daughter dearly, but he's a bit overbearing as only Anton can be. I think I'm really going to have fun with this new series!


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