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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review – Alinor By Roberta Gellis


Title: Alinor

Author: Roberta Gellis

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Mickey


Roselynde Chronicles, Book Two

Now alone, despite her exquisite beauty, Lady Alinor is physically and emotionally deprived of love—until her amorous desires are stirred by the dark, sensuous Lord Ian de Vipont. Trapped in a maze of treacherous power plays and volatile liaisons, she is irresistibly swept into an intoxicating passion for a man whose forbidden love promises only pain and peril. A strong-willed woman desperate in her quest for love, Alinor will not heed even the most torturous obstacles in her path.

From the brutal battlegrounds of France to the rich pageantry of English courts, Alinor’s turbulent adventures and romantic passions weave a breathtaking tale of danger and desire.


Once again, Roberta Gellis has written book destined to delight any historical fiction fan. Alinor takes place during the start of the reign of England's most loathed king ever, King John. In addition, just as the announcement arrives at Roselynde's gates, so too comes a marriage proposal right on its heels. Is it not necessarily unwelcome perhaps, but it is certainly a surprise. Alinor and Ian may have a past history together, but nothing prepares them for the future that awaits, especially in light of the troubles ahead.

I adored this book, and not just because I had read the first book in this series beforehand, as it is not a prerequisite. Above all, this book is a romance, Alinor and Ian's story is intensely hot, there is nothing tame about the relationship between this pair from the moment they become betrothed to the final pages of the book. King John may not be my favorite monarch however, Alinor manages to make learning about this time period in history, even in a fictitious sense, extremely interesting. Ms. Gellis is exceptional at making sure that her historical references are as correct as possible; it is almost educational reading her novels. I enjoyed this installment in her Roselynde Chronicles immensely and look forward to the next one.

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