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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review – Corporate Seduction By Bridget Midway

Corporate Seduction

Title : Corporate Seduction

Author: Bridget Midway

Publisher: Phaze Books

Buy Link: Buy Corporate Seduction Here!

Rating : You Gotta Read

Reviewed By : Shira

Blurb :

Maybelline "May" Davenport wants a few things in her life: to move up at work after she obtained her college degree, and to find a man who could sweep her off of her feet like the heroes in her erotic romance novels. She's sure she won't find that while working for a man she calls "the totem pole with style" even though she finds him attractive. Winston Biggers thinks he wants a dominant type of woman in his life. And although she doesn't seem the type, Win can't stop thinking about May, his administrative assistant. But he can't let her go. Not just yet. So he hides her newly-acquired degree to keep her as his assistant. But there are other important aspects about his life that he's hiding. When the truth comes out, will it be too much for May to take? Or will staying with this man make her Win Bigg?

Review :

Shocking in a very delicious way! Ms. Midway’s Corporate Seduction is not the typical soap opera version of an one-sided office romance. Oh no! It’s a scorcher that may burn your fingers and you made need a water hose to cool you down.

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  1. Thanks so much for a wonderful review! Glad you dug my twisted tale.



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