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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review – The Creed Legacy By Linda Lael Miller

The Creed Legacy

Title: The Creed Legacy

Author: Linda Lael Miller

Publisher: Harlequin

Buy Link: Buy The Creed Legacy Here!

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Mickey


Rough-and-tumble rodeo cowboy Brody Creed likes life on the move. Until a chance encounter with his long-estranged twin brother brings him “home,” for the first time in years. Suddenly Brody is in Creed territory—a rootless bad boy among family with deep ties to the land and each other. He’s half-ready to bolt when he meets a copper-haired beauty more restless than he is.
Carolyn Simmons is living a temporary life in Lonesome Bend, waiting to light out for the glamour of a metropolis. Then she falls for gorgeous Brody Creed, the opposite of everything she wants. But taming his wild heart might just become everything they both need…


As the third and final book in the Stone Creek trilogy, The Creed Legacy, may be the best of the three. This is Brody's story, the one Linda Lael Miller has been teasing her readers with for two books – what happened to make Brody leave, to drive the two brothers apart, to cause the angst that we sometime see in Brody's eyes. And of course, what happened between Brody and Carolyn that caused them to stop speaking for so many years, and to bring the pain into her heart as well? Finally, we get our answers, but will we be prepared for what we find out.

Brody has reasons for his sorrow, the question is, can he and Carolyn resolve their differences and find a middle ground. Let's not forget that Carolyn is carrying baggage of her own, and it is up to Brody to help her deal with her troubles. I just loved this book, simply because I could not help but love Brody. He manages to be rough and tough yet ultra sensitive with enough sex appeal to set fire to the entire state of Wyoming. Ms. Miller went the extra mile and more with both of her main characters when she wrote The Creed Legacy. Carolyn and Brody circle each other trying to find that common ground, that place where they can be together. I will not provide any spoilers by telling the end of the story, but let's just say that this is a novel where tissues are required, but by the end you just won't care.

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