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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review – Cross-Checked By Lily Harlem

Cross-checkedTitle: Cross-Checked

Author: Lily Harlem

Publisher:  Ellora's Cave

Buy Link: Buy Cross-Checked Here!

Rating:  You Gotta Read

Reviewed by:  Brynna


Book two in the Hot Ice series.

Okay, I’ll admit it, I have a crazy, lust-infused crush. Brick, the sexy right-winger of the Orlando Vipers, is the star of all my erotic fantasies. Just a glimpse of him has me panting. So when the chance to actually work with this hot hockey player comes along, of course I say yes!

Being a world-class athlete myself, I have a strategic plan to have him all tied up with lust and desperate for me too. The thing is, plans never go smoothly. Especially when my heart pedals right into the vulnerable game of love again—completely unprotected.

Luckily this sinfully delicious superstar is just as hooked on me—phone sex, bondage, anal sex and rude piercings abound. Despite my tactical errors, Brick catches me when I fall, holds me when I cry and pleases me when I need it most. He’s hard on the outside, soft on the inside and plays one hell of determined game when it comes to finding the ultimate satisfaction.


Tough and hard working Carly Flannagin is an Olympic medalist, holding a gold medal for endurance cycling. Part of a group of athletes who recorded a charity CD for Promises Foundation during her off season, Carly finds herself in a photo shoot to promote the work and lifted high overhead by three huge Orlando Viper players including her sizzling hot crush, "The Brick." She's determined to use the opportunity to get to know him better. The last thing Carly wants to be is another rink bunny notch on Brick's bedposts.

Brick is well aware of Carly's attraction and feels the same way. Barreling through every wall Carly puts up to slow down their budding relationship, one scorching sexual experience at a time, he's realizes this isn't a case of lust for 'em and leave 'em when things get tough. He's in it for the long haul. Now if only he could get Carly to see it too.

I love the way Ms. Harlem weaved together the threads of this story. Pulling in characters from both the previous book and the upcoming one, even throwing in a guest appearance from Ian and the Manic Machines. Carly is the perfect good girl who is oh, so bad and Brick doesn't mind corrupting her in the least. These characters make you care, laugh, cry, in short they breathe. Another lava hot fun read from a gotta read author. Do yourself a favor and pick up the next book too. You're going to want to read the whole series.

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  1. Brynna

    I am thrilled you enjoyed Cross-Checked and spotted the guest appearance of The Manic Machines. It was a great story to write and these two characters certainly appear in the next book Slap Shot.

    Lily x


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