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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review – Cupcakes By Michelle Hasker

CupcakesTitle: Cupcakes

Author: Michelle Hasker

Publisher: Changeling Press LLC

Buy Link: Buy Cupcakes Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Mickey


What do a loud-mouthed opinionated witch and a bossy dominating controller have in common? A fierce burning desire.

The joy of Carly's annual Samhain orgy is interrupted yet again by her bossy controller. The man is so annoying he won't even tell her his name. When he magicks her away to a secret playroom to teach her a lesson, he learns what can happen if you aren't careful. Tables can easily be turned.


Michelle Hasker is obviously pretty in tune with the trends, and one of the biggest ones right now in the culinary world is cupcakes. Isn't it perfect that her latest endeavor, Cupcakes, features those same delicious little confections? Everyone loves them, everyone it seems except Carly's uptight “Controller” Samson. At least that is how it initially appears until the story really progresses and we began to see a whole different side to Samson, one that manages to sway our opinion of him quite a bit. Like Carly, I already found Samson (and his sidekicks) tall, dark, handsome and too irresistible for words, even without the aid of certain aphrodisiacs. Ms. Hasker has that way of making her “desserts” irresistible to everyone, especially her readers, and just as the story ventures close to too extreme she adds an ingredient to make it just right again. Who are we to resist?

There are a few additional “ingredients” added to the novella that make it truly delicious, but they only seem to add spice to the recipe rather than anything harmful. Just as the sweets are irresistible to the townspeople, we see exactly how spicy this little mixture is becoming page by page. Ms. Hasker has fun with her story, being playful with the food theme, all the while adding components to keep it interesting and tasty, keeping just short of force feeding us too much at one time. The addition of succubi as secondary characters rather than primary ones is masterful; the twins are just the right touch needed to add a little something extra to the love scenes – as if they needed anything extra. Happily, there is never any problem distinguishing the good from the bad, the sweet from the sour, and in the end good always triumphs, with Carly and Samson having their happily ever after with a twist.

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