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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review – The Fall Of A Legacy By Dakota Trace

The Fall Of A Legacy

Title: The Fall of a Legacy

Author: Dakota Trace

Publisher:  Excessica

Buy Link: Buy The Fall of a Legacy Here!

Rating:  You Need to Read

Reviewed by:  Brynna


Christmas has come and Rebekah Archer, the last disciple of Diana, the goddess of the hunt, is expecting her mates’ babies. Twin brothers and disciples of Apollo, Jase and Dustin Rambaudi, are both pushing Rebekah to marry them unaware of the legacy which has been passed mother to daughter for generations in Archer family. Once the babies are born, Rebekah has to return to Diana with her children and leave her mates behind until the mating ritual happens.

As the fulfillment of the legacy draws near, Jase and Dustin whisk Rebekah off to Italy as an early Christmas present after learning about Rebekah’s legacy. While in Italy, Rebekah enjoys the time spent with her mates, she’s never aware their plans for her. Apollo has foreseen their sons being born under a sacred cypress tree in Diana’s grove. If Rebekah gives birth there Diana will take her and babies for sure. Only a Christmas miracle will be able to keep their family together.


The Fall of a Legacy is a short, sweet holiday story. Rebekah is heavy with her mate's children. Traditionally, all servants of Diana bear daughters which are then taken with their mother back to Diana. The time with Jase and Dustin grows short and Rebekah tries to distance herself in an effort to ease the loss she'll feel when she loses them. But they aren't having any of that. The guys whisk her away to Italy determined to spend every moment they can with her and hopefully find a way to keep their babies.

There is plenty of heat although Rebekah is very pregnant. The love of her mates was evident in that they were very careful with her and protective. The dialogue is smooth, and the pacing fast. While most of the story focuses on Rebekah's predicament, the author made me care about the heroes too. Not an easy feat in a short story. I really wanted Jase and Dustin to get their happy ending. Certainly one you need to read.

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