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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review – Hired By Lily Harlem


Title: Hired

Author: Lily Harlem

Publisher:  Ellora's Cave

Buy Link: Buy Hired Here!

Rating:  You Gotta Read

Reviewed by:  Brynna


One hundred grand to babysit bad boy Logan “Phoenix” Taylor on a paradise island—seriously, how bad could he be?

Frankly, it didn’t matter. Not when it would make my dreams of going to nursing school possible. I wasn’t even expected to talk to him, just hang out in a luxurious villa on a private beach and study. Simple, right?

But I hadn’t counted on Logan being so deliciously bad that he was oh so good. And when the temperature cranked to boiling point, he knew just how to satisfy the deepest, darkest part of my soul and give my body exactly what it needed. Amongst the sand and waves, we transported each other to an exquisite world of pleasure where only we existed, only we mattered.

But the heady mix of emotions and lust couldn’t keep things from spiraling out of control back in reality, where I had to keep the secret that I’d been hired to entertain him…even if it shattered my delicate heart. Even if it cost my destiny.


Brooke lost her parents at a young age, moved to Florida to live with family and became fast friends with Giselle. Flash forward. A student in nursing school, Brooke is working and studying to become a nurse, sharing an apartment with Giselle until she can get on her feet, Brooke's dreams of nursing are slowly fading until Giselle, call girl to the owner of the Orlando Vipers, offers her a chance to keep naughty hockey player Logan “Phoenix” Taylor company on a private island. Sticking to her morals, Brooke isn't so thrilled with the idea but desperately needs the money. With the promise of a platonic weekend for such a huge amount of money, her nursing dreams are within reach. Hanging out with Mr. Nasty Attitude seemed like good study time, until she found out just why he was called Phoenix and the heat was enough to melt her heart.

Logan intended to spend his forced vacation at the villa alone away from paparazzi and slinky rink bunnies. Now he found himself babysitting the cute and curvy daughter of his boss' friend. He didn't expect to fall for her or find out she was just another woman out to cling to the coattails of money and fame. Or was she? He might just have made the worst mistake of his life.

Hired is the first scorching book in Ms. Harlem's new Hot Ice series. I loved these two characters! Brooke is both scarred and strong, while insecure in her appearance. Logan brings out her inner beauty and her wild side. Logan is in turn hot, stubborn and maddening at times, yet still so sweet. The hockey scenes seem well-researched and the Orlando Vipers believable. I can't wait to follow the rest of the Vipers in this series. Another Gotta Read from a must read author.

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  1. Brynna - I am so glad you enjoyed HIRED :-)

    Lily x


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