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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review- A Long Howl Good Night By Delilah Devlin

A Long Howl Good Night

Title: A Long Howl Good Night

Author: Delilah Devlin

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Buy Link: Buy A Long Howl Good Night Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Mickey


Werewolf Aila Mack is ready to get her groove on during a full moon. She’s a part-time hooker because she prefers to keep her liaisons strictly about the sex. She’s had a taste of were-domination and prefers to be in charge of her own destiny.

Brothers Kynan and Jack Parker are on a mission. Their species is in need of breedable females. When the Dark Mountain clan finds a sex agency dealing in female werewolves, they aren’t happy women are selling their bodies in order to take care of their monthly itch. They take action when it’s discovered there’s a fertile female in the agency’s stable.

Kynan and Jack are given the job of bringing home their mate but discover quickly there’s more going on beneath the surface than simply a stubborn female who refuses to be collared. Aila’s tempted as never before, as the brothers, one gentle and one fiercely intense, peel away the hard shell surrounding her Wolfen heart.


Playing on that all too common belief that all males dream of a sexual fantasy involving twins, Ms. Devlin tries a little role reversal in A Long Howl Good Night and makes her twins male and the object of their intentions female. In this novel Ms. Devlin spins her own tale with the twin being werewolves looking for their mate and finding an extremely reluctant female were in the form of Aila Mack. Aila seems to have a rough life on the surface, and Ms. Devlin is adept at insuring that her readers are truly sympathetic to her plight: she busy hiding who and what she is from the boys and maybe from herself. The boys on the other hand obviously have their own agenda, but then again who doesn't have their own agenda, and Aila does not stand a chance against their combined efforts.

This is an interesting story with an above-average plot and dialogue to move it along. While the love scenes are fairly hot and certainly well-written, they are not especially sensitive, merely just off-the-charts carnal. Ms. Devlin devotes a great deal of detail to describing the need to find a mate and to the mating bond itself. This driving force precludes any other emotions Kynan and Jack might have felt. It also forced out any feelings Aila might have experienced as well. Adding to these elements are the secondary plot, and those characters supporting that aspect of the book. One gets the sense these characters could/should be part of another book, but they are never fully explored in any way to know for sure. While I did enjoy this book, and found it to be entertaining my enjoyment was derived from the interactions between the characters rather than the story itself, hence the Need to Read rather than Gotta Read rating.

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