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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review – Magic Touch By Dakota Trace

The Wizards of Venus

Title: Magic Touch: The Wizards of Venus Book One

Author: Dakota Trace

Publisher: eXcessica Publishing

Buy Link: Buy Magic Touch Here!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle


Welcome to the World of Venus. Unlike many had believed, it's not an inhabitable place, but one which simply has cloaked its people from outsider presence. In a world of magic and warriors, High Prince Randall deCarthwright and his two best friends, his cousin, Jonathan deCarthwright, and the daughter of his dad's advisor, Grace Anne O'Connor, grew up.

Rand, the crown prince, soon to take over the reins from his retiring father; Gracie, who longs to follow her dad's footsteps; and Jonathan, a powerful vindexicis warrior who has become the head of security for the royal family - all think they are on their set courses, until a prophesy shatters their belief.

Gracie was aware of the prophesy but with time and distance from her chosen mate, her belief in it is broken. She becomes livid when she finds out her father and the King of Venus have arranged her marriage to Rand. She's shocked to find out Rand wants the marriage to take place. Against the advice of his sentient power, Ruzac, Rand's given Gracie the time she's needed to grow up before claiming her. Now, with the time at hand, the mezlcar, their intense mating ritual, begins to burn as an unseen force plots against them, and Rand is torn between mating with or protecting his chosen.

Join the wild ride as Rand attempts to convince Gracie of their right to be together, all while trying to defeat the bad guys with a bit of help from his friends - a spunky offworlder, and two unpredictable sentient beings.


This is one of the most sexist stories I’ve ever read. It eventually gets around to the men treating the women are...well, equal-ish, it takes the entire story and requires a lot of unnecessary drama. I find it hard to swallow as a reader, that two characters who have literally known each other since childhood, would not have any idea of each others limits. And none of the characters, not one, will stop to talk to each other unless they are drunk or are forced to do so. Honestly, if the girls could kick the boys butts as kids, nothing is stopping them from doing so as adults.

Under all this drama that amounts to hurt feelings and a lack of communication skills, is a kidnaping plot that is terribly under-served. There is so much more that could have been done with this. It takes nothing for the characters to sleuth out the bad guys and deal with them. And despite all the talk of violent retribution, no more then a thimble full of blood is spilled in the entire story.

Overall, this story just doesn’t do anything for me. I’m not overly inclined to listen to a powerful character of any gender sit around and whine about their treatment when I they could be out changing their circumstance. It’s just false drama. Furthermore, when a story promises me action, I’d like it to deliver.

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