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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Review – Magic University: The Incubus and The Angel By Cecilia Tan

Magic University the incubus and the angel

Title: Magic University Book Three: The Incubus and the Angel

Author: Cecilia Tan

Publisher: Ravenous Romance

Buy Link: Buy Magic University: The Incubus and The Angel Here!

Rating:  You Need to Read

Reviewed by:  Brynna


Kyle Wadsworth thinks he isn't ready to love again, after what happened in his second year of college. Now halfway through his junior year, he's obsessed with studying an ancient prophecy and is still haunted by past events, even in his dreams.

But he soon learns that he's not the only one suffering from haunted dreams. One of his good friends, an enchantment student named Lindy Carmichael, is having uncontrollably erotic dreams and also difficulty using her magic. Lindy, a sexually naive young woman who, like Kyle, did not grow up in the magical world, fears that she is losing her power. Kyle can't do anything about the incubus haunting her nights, but power is one thing he can provide through erotic magic. Lindy and Kyle start "dating," first for the sake of schoolwork, but quickly become more
serious about each other.

As their romance blossoms, though, Kyle discovers that perhaps he can do something.


When his friend Lindy starts having the same gripping erotic dreams he has along with difficulty using magic, Kyle sets out to help her. Quickly he learns an incubus is visiting her nightly and draining her magic. He can't stop the incubus, but he can provide a solution to her magical problems.  Kyle uses sexual magic to ward of Lindy's demons, but what started out as one friend helping another soon turns deeper.

The Incubus and the Angel is an entertaining  read that has a similiar magical world structure as the Harry Potter books, though these tales of magic definitely aren't for children. Kyle is a strong hero but with a touch of femininity which helps him relate to Lindy in ways an alpha male type couldn't. He's been hurt emotionally, but willing to keep searching for his soul mate. I like that resiliency about him. I found Lindy to be strong as well. This is the third installment in this series, and though I have  not read the other books, I do feel this one can be read as a standalone but may be best read as a series. If you've a love for magic and lore you need to read The Incubus and the Angel.

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  1. Brynna, thanks for the great review! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book even though you hadn't read the previous ones in the series!


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