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Monday, October 3, 2011

Review – One With Eternity By Annette Shelley

One With Eternity

Title: One With Eternity

Author: Annette Shelley

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Buy Link: Buy One With Eternity Here!

Rating:  You Want To Read

Reviewed by:  Brynna


The curse has been fully revealed as two brothers travel into the jungles of Brazil to locate their third brother, Constantino, and work together to break the thousand year curse.

Constantino has wandered the jungles for centuries and is now much more predator than man, in fact, he has no intention of giving up his immortal status, even if at the expense of his brothers' souls. His vicious demeanor threatens to end their nine lives in a battle to the death, until Constantino also discovers the transformational powers of love as he couples with Esmeralda, queen of the Amazons, and key to unlocking the curse that binds him.

He seduces her in a plot to control her, but finds her bewitching beauty more powerful than he imagined. As his heart opens to more than just lust, his compassion grows stronger until he too vows to free himself and his brothers in the battle of a lifetime until each is once again one with eternity.


After his relationship with Amazon queen Esmerelda turns sour, Constantino and his brothers are cursed to spend eternity as cats. Able to shift between domestic cats, panthers and human state, he is content to enjoy his immortal status and cares not for his brother's concerns. Angel and Benedicto along with their new found loves must race against time and the FBI to make it out of the U.S. in time to find their brother Constantino before the anniversary of Esmerelda's curse passes and convince him to help find a way to break the curse.

This book is the last installment (and conclusion) in the Familiar series, however much of the backstory is told in the previous two books and therefore can not hold up as a standalone. I enjoyed the family dynamics. There is plenty of heat between each of the three couples, but I felt I never really got to know the heroine in this piece, though I did have a clearer picture of Constantino I did feel disconnected a bit. Still, if you enjoy shifter tales, you'll like One with Eternity, just be sure to pick up the previous books and read in order.

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