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Monday, October 10, 2011

Review – Stanley Seagull By Cathy Mazur

Stanley Seagull

Title: Stanley Seagull

Author: Cathy Mazur

Publisher: Tribute Books Press

Buy Link: Buy Stanley Seagull Here!

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed By: Janelle


Meet a young seagull named Stanley. Follow him as he wanders far from home and tries to find his way back. Join Stanley on his journey as he learns how humans affect the balance of nature.


I love children’s books. They are simply, whimsical, and remind me why I started reading. Stanley Seagull is rather bland. While characters in children’s books aren’t meant to be deep, I hesitate to even call Stanley one dimensional. He’s literally a one note character: trapped in a truck? Go to sleep. Find yourself alone and miles from home? Go to sleep. Have to try to get home by riding in the same trap that stole you away? Go to sleep.

As for the narrative, it boarders on nonsensical. He likes to eat, he likes to fly, he likes the ocean, he likes the trash, did he mention he liked the ocean? The story bounced around, reminding the reader over and over again, often in random order, what Stanley liked.

While I don’t expect a complex story from this book, I should be able to expect a cohesive one. And if there is a message about nature in these pages, it never made itself clear.

Overall, it gets a resounding meh.

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  1. Janelle, thank you for taking the time to read and review "Stanley Seagull."


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