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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review – Surrender’s Mischief By Alvania Scarborough

surrenders mischiefTitle: Surrender's Mischief

Author: Alvania Scarborough

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Buy Link: Buy Surrender's Mischief Here!

Rating:  You Gotta Read

Reviewed by:  Brynna


Darias, Supreme Chief of Nexar, is tired. When the offworlder crashes on his planet, he takes her as slave, hoping to gain some respite in her sleek, sexy body. Instead he finds himself confronted by a woman whose tongue is as sharp as his blade. Worse, her outrageous beliefs on the roles of females are spreading, causing unrest among both sexes and damaging his tenuous control over an already unsettled populace. It’s time to tame his fiery captive. Darias demands her complete obedience.

But Riana demands his surrender. An independent trader with her pick of handsome, accomplished lovers, Riana has the sector by the tail until her cargo ship is caught in a fierce ion storm and crashes on a planet filled with barbarians. Taken slave, she gets a crash course in living life without her most precious possession—her freedom. Used to getting herself out of tight situations, Riana won’t go down without a battle. The too-sexy warrior is about to have the tables turned him.

The battle of the sexes just took a twist.

Publisher’s Note: This title was previously published elsewhere but has been extensively revised for Ellora’s Cave


With the entire cosmos as her trading ground, Riana is an independent woman, wily, smart and fierce with men more than ready to fall at her feet. When an ion storm crash lands her on a planet of alpha males gone way way wrong, she finds the tables turned as the gorgeous ruler of Nexar takes her prisoner.

Women are relegated to the lesser species, submissive to their masters, some are able to achieve only slightly higher status as a mate of a warrior, but every infraction insists on punishment, sexual pleasure without release. When Riana's offworlder ideas cause a rebellion she challenges Darius to a battle of honor and claims his throne. The boys are about to learn a lesson in feminine wiles...the hard way.

Surrender's Mischief is blazing hot. Any type of play goes between these two characters, including some interesting space age toys, and there is a heavy BDSM theme. At first when Riana is taken prisoner, the scene was almost too much to handle and bothered me a bit. She was clearly not willing to go with Darius at first and he does force "punishment" on her, but she quickly consents to. Still, it danced a fine line between what is and isn't acceptable. But as I read, I began to understand why Ms. Scarborough wrote their first meeting as she did. I wouldn't have been able to understand Riana's growth as a person and the change of Nexar, not to mention Darius' attitude toward women without the emotions evoked by Riana and that first scene. Nothing terrified her, except having that independence taken away and still she rose above that and made her captor her slave.

Darius is already trying to change the ways of his planet gradually when he finds Riana. As she turns the tables on him, he takes the change good naturedly and with honor while still trying to thwart her plans. In the end I think both characters learned trust and caring that may have only come to them this way.

The writing flows beautifully, and the space and technological imagery is easily believable and vivid. Though versatile, having written historical and romantic suspense in the erotic genre, Ms. Scarborough is truly in her element with the sci-fi setting of her newest work. Surrender's Mischief is definitely a book you gotta read, just don't forget to bring a fan and lots of ice water.

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