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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review – Dreaming Of The Wolf By Terry Spear

Dreaming Of The Wolf

Title: Dreaming of the Wolf

Author: Terry Spear

Buy Link: Buy Dreaming Of The Wolf Here!

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell


Werewolf pack leader Jake Silver is an acclaimed photographer. He sees a beautiful woman at the art gallery where his photos are on display, and his intrigue turns into wolfish protectiveness. Alicia Greiston has never met anyone like Jake-he’s sexy, alpha, and totally irresistible, and he calls to something primal in her soul.


Jake Silver was dropping off some of his photographs at an art shop in the quaint tourist town of Breckenridge, Colorado when he spies a young woman covertly taking pictures of a license tag. With a curiosity inherent to the lupus garou, he is instantly intrigued and more than a little attracted. Following her into the restaurant across the street, he becomes alarmed when she is threatened by a seedy looking man who obviously has a gun under his jacket. Coming to her rescue, Jake finds out his mystery woman, Alicia Greiston, is a rookie bounty hunter out to capture a couple of big time mobsters. More than half in love with her by now, he becomes concerned for her safety and is determined to offer his protection, whether she likes it or not. After two failed marriages, Alicia has sworn off men, and she is too focused on making sure the man responsible for her mother’s murder is punished, to spend anytime starting a new relationship. Still, her would be hero is awfully charming and really good looking. Maybe lunch would be okay, and he could offer a decent cover while she tails her mobsters. With both Jake and Alicia hiding big secrets, the situation becomes explosive quickly. When a threat is made against Jake, Alicia knows she has to let him go, but Jake isn’t willing to give her that option.

Wow! I’m so glad I read this book. I now have a new “Must Read” series to love. This was such a fun and easy book to read. It was like a good single malt scotch, smooth as silk with a pleasant burn leaving a lovely tingle behind. Jake was alpha to the bone, but a more laid back version. Alicia was totally unaware of any type of supernatural occurrences going on, until it bit her on the butt…. literally. Alicia, while having some minor insecurities, was still a terrific heroine determined to save the day by any means necessary. The action was fast and continuous, keeping the readers attention glued to the pages until the very last sentence. The humor and sizzling romance relieved the tension brought on by the danger stalking our furry couple. This group of shifters have a more realistic make-up than others I have read. Yes, they are supernatural, but they still have weaknesses and aren’t all that different than humans. This group, as a whole came off as very affable and I wouldn’t mind having a few of them as neighbors. (wink, wink) Dreaming of the Wolf combines a great story with interesting, very detailed characters in one thoroughly entertaining book. I am definitely on board the Terry Spear bandwagon now. I can’t wait for the next stop. Hint- ( this wolf is also a SEAL).

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  1. Wow, Wendy, thanks so much!!! I'm thrilled you loved the story and I have an ARC of A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing if you'd like an advanced copy to read! Just email me!


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