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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review – Embracing The Wolf By Catherine Bybee

Embracing The Wolf

Title: Embracing The Wolf

Author: Catherine Bybee

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Buy Link: Buy Embracing The Wolf Here!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


Werewolves come in two categories, good and evil. Although Richard Ritter's family has encouraged him to make the change for years, he never considered embracing his wolf until he meets Kate Davis. One night with her, however, and his life changes forever.

After a horrifying evening of violence, Kate Davis' life is turned upside down. Richard offers more than security; he offers her passion, something she hasn’t experienced in years. Falling in love with him was easy, but once she learns what he becomes every month her fear of the unknown threatens their future.


When the restaurant that Kate works at gets held up and she is unexpectedly shot Kate finds her world turned all around. While she and her son need protection from the hold up man who is still on the run Kate does not know what to make of her feelings toward her protector. Richard claims to only want to protect Kate and Joey but they both know that more is going on. Add in the fact that there are werewolves out in the night and the chaos begins.

This book was an enjoyable read. Not only does it have a wonderful romance in it but it also has a good storyline. The characters are full of emotion and depth and bring this story to life. Kate is a strong woman who finds out that it may be stronger to learn to lean on others for help. I loved seeing her open up and let Richard in. He is a good man who loves with all his heart. Watching Kate and Richard’s relationship grow was a nice read. The attraction begins right from the start between the two and blooms into so much more as the story goes on.

I enjoyed the way Kate was portrayed. Being a mother myself I connected with Kate and her emotions throughout the story when it came to Joey. She always has Joey’s feelings and safety in the forefront of her mind.

The author did a good job of pulling this reader into the wondrous world of the paranormal. I enjoyed the story from start to finish and hope that we get to see more from the Ritter’s in the future.

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