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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review – Under A Rock By India Harper

Under A Rock

Title: Under A Rock

Author: India Harper

Publisher: Amber Allure

Buy Link: Buy Under A Rock Here!

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: Layne


When his father crossed a powerful Mexican drug cartel, Keith Lewis lost everything—his identity, his way of life, and the freedom to live in the open. With a new name, Keith is now in witness protection, and his handler has brought him to the last place on Earth anyone would ever look for him: a cattle ranch in Montana. What Keith didn’t expect to find there was a handsome, tempting former Navy SEAL.
Tanner Bruenig retired to the Montana countryside to try his hand at ranching and savor the peace of hard work and few neighbors. When you’re former military and your cousin’s in the Marshals’ Service, however, it’s easy enough to get roped into providing a safe haven once in a while. Keith isn’t the first witness to shelter in Tanner’s house or to join him in his bed. But he may be the first one Tanner wants to keep there...


With his life in danger, Keith is given a new identity and carted off to the middle of nowhere, dropped in the lap of a former Navy SEAL.

Tanner is a loner, who it seems gets his jollies by sleeping with the men who’s put under his protection. Keith is no different and soon enough, they’re doing the nasty. Amid the forced attraction is the smidgen of a plot that needed to be flesh out but was left forgotten. I didn’t buy the chemistry between the two men for an instant. It appeared India Harper found it a convenient step in Under A Rock for the men to hit the sheets, so they did.

There was nothing interesting about the characters, no deep development. There were a few attempts at funny and even a flash of heat with the sex scenes, but overall Under A Rock was a quick, predictable, and forgettable read.

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