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Friday, December 23, 2011

Review – Back To Life By Emma Hillman

Back To Life

Title:  Back to Life

Author:  Emma Hillman

Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave

Buy link: Buy Back To Life Here!

Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewed by:  Donna


Sara knows she should regret having sex with Jared, her former brother-in-law. But their erotic encounter is the best thing that’s happened to her all year. Thanks to his heady kisses and clever fingers, he’s made her feel alive again, and she can’t help but yearn for more.
Jared has been waiting for this moment for months. Finally Sara sees him as more than a former in-law. He’s a man in love and not afraid to show it, determined to give her everything she needs, in and out of the bedroom.

Their blossoming relationship isn’t to everybody’s liking. With insecurities rising and tempers igniting, Sara and Jared will have to decide what’s more important, making everyone else happy…or making each other happy.


Back to Life is a story about Sara returning to the living after suffering the death of her beloved husband.  Jared had always had a crush on his sister-in-law, and after the death of his brother, he allowed his feelings to grow for his sweet, innocent, unknowingly seductive Sara.  When Sara decides that it is time to move on with her life and find someone new, Jared has no intention of letting any man near her but him.

Ms. Hillman's writing is tender and sweet, arousing and poignant.  Her characters were very endearing and it was easy to commiserate with their situation.  The sex scenes were erotic and passionate and the plot very realistic.  Overall this was a great short story.

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