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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Review – Best S&M Erotica Volume 3 Edited By M. Christian

Best S&M III

Title: Best S&M Erotica Volume III  

Author: Edited By M. Christian

Publisher: Logical-Lust Publications

Buy Link: Buy Best S&M 3 Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


In these pages you'll find light stories, dark stories, powerful stories, subtle stories, fierce stories, and even romantic stories – but all of them dealing with the basic idea of consensually giving up, or taking, sexual power and control.

If you've only been interested in what S/M is and can be, or if you’re an old hand to the scene, these stories will open doors to unexplored sexual and sensual worlds, expand your erotic horizons to new and maybe even challenging new ways of looking at, and experiencing, sex play.

Featuring Stories By:
PM White, Sharon Wachsler, Kane, Jean Roberta, Jason Rubis, Shanna Germain, Cecilia Tan, Xan West, Craig J. Sorensen, Ralph Greco, Jr., Theda Hudson, Jerry Rosen, Jan Vander Laenen, Mykola Dementiuk, Jude Mason, Billierosie, Oatmeal Girl, and the editor M. Christian.


This is a book that caters to a different kind of lifestyle. It is not all about the pain that many may think. Each of the many stories in this anthology was a great read. Every one of them had strong characters and an interesting storyline. From cross dressers to pain lovers this book has it all. Whether you enjoy this kind of kink or not these stories are a good read. I also enjoyed being able to read the stories and learn each of the authors writing styles. Having the stories be short was nice as well. I was able to read a story from start to finish in one sitting and not worry about loosing the flow of the story when I needed to put the book down.

Many of these stories are centered not only around arousal but also on trust as well. Making this not only an interesting but also an entertaining read for me. I loved seeing all the different ways the characters enjoyed themselves. There is a lot of diversity in the stories and any reader should be able to find a story that intrigues them. I enjoyed them all and cannot even begin to pick a favorite. The editor and the numerous authors did a wonderful job of bringing this world to life for this reader.

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