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Monday, December 19, 2011

Review – The Diary of Anna’s Submission By Jenika Snow

The Diary Of Anna's Submission

Title: The Diary of Anna’s Submission

Author: Jenika Snow

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Buy Link: Buy The Diary of Anna’s Submission Here!

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


Anna has dark and taboo desires that leave her feeling ashamed and unnatural. All she can think about is how it would feel to let a man possess her in the most primal of ways. Despite her inexperience, and the fact she is a virgin, she knows she wants to be at the mercy of a dominating man, one who can show her what it really means to submit.

When she is propositioned by Felix, a Dominant at the local BDSM club, Anna has to make the choice to either accept what Felix has to offer, or leave behind an experience that will forever change her life.

Deciding to let Master Felix train her in the art of being a true submissive, Anna takes a journey that will bare her soul, and leave her body deliciously sore.

Be Warned: bdsm, anal sex, sex toys, erotic asphyxiation


This story takes us on an intense journey. We join Anna on this ride. She is a virginal woman who is afraid and ashamed of her wants and desires until she meets a Dom who wants to teach her about herself and what it means to give in to her desires. Can Anna find it in herself to trust this man with not only her body but her heart as well?

I enjoyed the storyline of this book but found Anna a little to naive for my liking. I understand that she is a virgin and this story shows us how she blooms but she was a little too much for me. I would have also liked a bit more character development in this book. We really do not get to know the characters very well other than their sexual compatibility.  I did however like the way this book shows that Anna learns that it is okay to want what she does and I loved the way that she embraces it. I would caution readers that this book contains strong BDSM play, which does include some asphyxiation play.

Through Anna’s diary we learn about her and the things she feels. Everything is through her eyes and we watch Anna grow with each entry.  I would not mind visiting Anna and Felix again to learn more about them and just where this journey takes them.

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