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Friday, December 9, 2011

Review – The Dragon Slayer By Jianne Carlo

The Dragon Slayer

Title: The Dragon Slayer

Author: Jianne Carlo

Publisher: Etopia Press

Buy Link: Buy The Dragon Slayer Here!

Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewed By: Donna


Ruard, the Viking warrior known as The Dragon Slayer, has no great hopes for the wife he’s to take as the lord of Dunnsmuir Castle, so long as she’s a biddable wife, with all her teeth, who doesn’t drool—a plain, humble woman. He has no use for the flame-haired nymph with breasts as ripe as melons and whose supple hips beckon a man’s hands. Nor for a maiden with a stubborn chin and flashing eyes that speak of naught but trouble.

Catriona hopes for a husband ‘twill be easy to poison. Lord Ulfric holds her sister captive and demands Catriona do his bidding: poison his Viking rival, the man they call the Dragon Slayer. Catriona hopes for a cruel warrior, a man easy to hate, not this Thor god come to life with golden hair, sky blue eyes, and a laughing smile. Her sister’s life depends on it, but how can she slay this Ruard, her new husband, who makes her heart pound with joy?


Ruard is The Dragon Slayer - a Viking warrior claiming his bride and, thereby, her castle.  Catriona is a woman torn between saving her baby sister and sparing the man she was sent to poison.

When Ruard arrives at his castle awarded to him by the king, he finds filth where wealth should be, rot where riches once were.  Nothing is as it should have been, but he is hopeful that his wife-to-be will be able to set things aright with the household once she arrives.  He didn’t even wish for a pretty wife, so when the siren walks into the hall, he is stunned.  As she takes charge and makes the castle not only habitable but homey, he is thrilled.

After Catriona sees how much her new husband values her as a wife and a person, she cannot go through with the evil plan to murder him.  She decides to offer him her trust in getting her sister to safety and she unveils the treacherous plan his enemy has put in motion.

Ms. Carlo has written a sweet short story about two people who fall easily in love.  The plot is a little thin (i.e. wouldn’t Ulfric have been prepared for an ambush in the event Catriona didn’t follow orders?) and their wasn’t much conflict, but the characters were enjoyable and it was an easy read.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to review Dragon Slayer Donna. So glad you enjoyed it


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