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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review – Freya's Mates By Stacey Espino

Freya's Mates

Title :  Freya's Mates

Author:  Stacey Espino

Publisher:  Evernight Publishing

Buy Link:  Buy Freya's Mates Here!

Rating :  You Need To Read

Reviewed By :  Donna

Story Blurb : 

Pack Seduction, 2

Freya's on her own, lost in a new city.  Being of royal blood, every male shifter would kill to have her as a mate.  Staying in hiding is her number one priority.

When hunger leads her to the rear of a night club in search of food, she comes across a human who arouses a new desire within her.
Once inside the club, she's caught skipping out on her bill and forced to deal with the club owner and bartender, both sexier-than-sin shifters. Will she be able to submit to the three men? Can there be a future with a human mate?

Be Warned: menage a quatre romance, menage sex, anal sex

Review : 

In Ms. Espino's Pack Seduction series, the strictly forbidden becomes the norm, the wildly wicked becomes the basis for survival of the species. Not only are ménage relationships needed for Royals, they are expected and practically required. 

Freya has been running for too long. She's ravenously hungry, bone weary and just plain tired of being alone. Her goal in life is to simply be wanted and loved for who she is and not what she can bring to her mate. When she finds herself unequivocally attracted to a human, she becomes conflicted.  The human wants her, desires her, and he doesn’t even know that shifters exist.  After letting her guard down just a bit, Freya allows two shifters to mate her, but she is still in love with her human, and he is in love with her.  What’s a wolf shifter girl to do?

Freya's Mate was hard to put down and pleasantly exhilarating.  With bone melting sex scenes, tons of alpha testosterone and a happily ever after, this is an awesome paranormal erotic book!

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