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Monday, December 19, 2011

Review – The Good Sinner’s Naughty Nun By Georgia Fox

The Good Sinner’s Naughty Nun

Title :  The Good Sinner’s Naughty Nun

Author:  Georgia Fox

Publisher:  Evernight Publishing

Buy Link:  Buy The Good Sinner’s Naughty Nun Here!

Rating :  You Need To Read

Reviewed By :  Donna

Story Blurb : 

The Conquerors, 4

Thierry Bonnenfant has a mission to fulfill - transport a padlocked casket of holy relics across the sea to Normandy. Sounds easy enough, until he finds that his fellow travelers will be none other than a group of ...nuns.

Thierry was hoping for different company, something decidedly less virginal. Now, resolved to a very dull journey, where his only pleasure is arguing with a naughty, quarrelsome nun named Sister Vivienne, he has no warning of the storm ahead.

Vivienne is also on a mission. The priceless vase hidden inside that casket of relics is her pass to freedom. All she has to do is find the key in Bonnenfant's breeches. Apparently he's all brawn and no brains. Seducing him to get that key should be her easiest task ever.
But she's reckoned without this particular sinner's last remaining scruples. And the reckless, bloodthirsty warrior's only fear. Of nuns.

Be Warned: multiple partners, anal sex.

Review : 

The Good Sinner’s Naughty Nun is a deliciously wicked story of ‘if only’ and ‘what if’ becoming ‘never ending love’ and ‘dreams come true’.  This fourth book in the Conquerors series is the best installment yet.

Thierry Bonnenfant married a harridan to save his best friend from having to marry her, and as a reward, he was given a title and lands, neither of which he wanted.  He is but a soldier out to do the king’s bidding and spread his loving attentions among the appreciative females of the populace.

Vivienne is a captive of her guardian’s schemes and she wishes for nothing more than freedom...until she meets Thierry Bonnenfant.  The horrid things she has been forced to endure have not weakened her spirit, and her dreams are now filled with loving and being loved by that most notorious sinner.

Ms. Fox has written passion and zeal into her characters, making them high energy and lovable.  Twists and turns and unexpected events help these characters find their happily ever after in a book that boasts a tantalizing nun, an irreparable rake, and exhilarating sex.  A few minor grammatical errors were noted, but not enough to detract from the heartwarming (even though erotic) love story

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