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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Review – Hell Hath No Fury By Anne Kane

Hell Hath No FuryTitle: Hell Hath no Fury

Author: Anne Kane

Publisher: Changeling Press

Buy Link: Buy Hell Hath No Fury Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle


If there was one thing guaranteed to piss off Fury, it was a man who didn't know how to treat a woman. One that actually hurt them on purpose, well, they'd better hope she managed to rein in her inner Hellhound when she came calling.

Women had been disappearing for months now, the kind of women that no one really cared about. Later, they'd turn up dead, and they didn't get that way easy. Then the killer made a mistake. The woman he'd been torturing escaped before he finished her off, and she called in the Hellhounds.

Now, the suspect is hiding behind a web of tech and Fury needs the help of a Tech Wizard to help to run him to ground. Axe finally gets the chance to prove that a werewolf-Hellhound cross is just what she needs for more than just work.


The only element keeping this from being a Gotta Read is the fact that the author never dropped the other shoe. We are told Fury has a hard past, that she has trust issues due to events in said past, that these events have a profound effect on her present. But what these events are, her revelation, and acceptance of her past, have all been left out of the story. Giving characters a background helps make erotica more immersive, but they require an emotional pay off.

The sex is a lot of fun, with both parties being very playful and not taking their budding relationship too seriously. There is very light SM, but nothing that will scare anyone away.

Overall, this story is a lot of fun. If it had followed through with the backstory, it would have been perfect.


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