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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Review – Hide From Evil By Jami Alden

Hide From Evil

Title: Hide From Evil

Author: Jami Alden

Publisher: Hatchette Book Group

Buy link: Buy Hide From Evil Here!

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell


Like a chess master, he carefully weighs his next move . . . advancing slowly until he is sure he can capture his helpless pawn. For in his mind, there’s no way to . . .

Sean Flynn should feel lucky he’s alive. But his betrayal by a close friend—and two years on death row—have left him feeling only numb. When his conviction was overturned, Sean retreated to a quiet woodland cabin, far away from prying eyes. There, he believed the past couldn’t come back to haunt him . . . until she showed up.

Overcome with guilt, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Krista Slater can’t forgive herself for convicting an innocent man. But when another brutal murder reveals chilling, new facts about his case, she must turn to Sean for help. She’s ready to face his anger, but the desire in his eyes ignites a need she’s never felt before. Shadowed by danger, Sean and Krista uncover a twisted maze of deception and betrayal—all under the dangerous gaze of a cunning mastermind who will do whatever it takes to keep his evil secrets safe.


Krista Slater is the prosecuting attorney who got Sean Flynn convicted and sentenced to death row for a murder and rape he didn’t commit. She was also instrumental in getting him released, but after three years in lock up, that didn’t go too far in making Sean feel a lot better. Krista is about to put Sean’s life in danger again. Despite warnings from her boss and mentor, Krista is still investigating the unanswered questions left by the Seattle Slasher, like why many of the people who testified against Sean or were connected to the case are disappearing or turning up dead. Not aware of the powerful players that hid the monster, Krista has unwittingly unleashed their ire and now Sean and Krista are both in deadly peril. With no one but each other to trust, Sean will have to put aside his animosity to protect them both.

It had been a while since I finished Beg For Mercy, and I had actually forgotten the powerful impact Jami Alden’s writing can bring. That was brought home to me before the end of the first chapter in Hide From Evil. Brilliant, simply and utterly brilliant! I can’t believe Ms. Alden improved when there was almost no room for it, but she did. Maybe it was because I knew the characters and the story going into this book, but whatever it was…. It worked. This book moves Ms. Alden into the big leagues and most definitely onto my “Must Read” author’s list. I love the fact that Sean didn’t emerge from prison hunky-dory. No one does that, and it would have been unrealistic. Sean had tremendous trauma to overcome and deal with. Krista is forced to reevaluate her entire belief system, which is a jarring trauma in and of itself, so the pairing up of these two strong but wounded characters took work and a lot of talent. And maybe it’s because of the time factor, but I don’t remember the first book being this smoking hot. Hide From Evil is a flat out scorcher. Even with the threat of death hanging over their heads, (or maybe because of it) the chemistry between Krista and Sean is incendiary. The seedy side of Seattle’s power structure begins to further unravel and the villains become exposed forcing them into desperate and unwise maneuvers. The dramatic finish to this book leaves me absolutely rabid for Talia and Jack’s book. If it’s better than this one, it’ll have to be written in gold.

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