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Friday, December 9, 2011

Review – One Chance By Clarissa Yip

One Chance

Title: One Chance

Author: Clarissa Yip

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Buy Link: Buy One Chance Here!

Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewed By: Donna


Shy tomboy, Jenna Faulkner has been in love her whole life—with her best friend. Except he’s marrying the wrong woman, and he doesn’t know it yet. But she’s determined to save him…

Instead of the normal bachelor party, Jenna decides to throw a different type of gathering…with just her. Alone. Will Cade finally come to his senses and see Jenna for more than a friend or has she ruined their friendship, once and for all?


Jenna has been in love with Cade her whole life. Cade is in love with Jenna, but he's marrying another woman... Ms. Yip has written a short story about the foibles of lack of communication between friends. This is an old theme, but it is a well written quickie with steamy sex and a happily ever after. It is a little too short for much character development, but the grammar is good and it is entertaining.

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