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Monday, December 5, 2011

Review – Paying Her Debt By Emma Shortt

Paying Her Debt

Title: Paying Her Debt

Author: Emma C Shortt

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Buy Link: Buy Paying Her Debt Here!

Rating: You Want/Need To Read 

Reviewed By: Donna B.


Fired from the job she so desperately needs, Andy Jones is shocked to find a wallet stuffed full of cash. It belongs to none other than Alexander Ioannou, millionaire extraordinaire, and the man responsible for her firing.

Alexander comes looking for the woman he suspects of misappropriating not only his funds, but his grandmother's ring, and is shocked to find it’s the woman who has been haunting his dreams.

Rather than turn her in, Alexander begins to think of more interesting ways for Andy to pay back her debt…


Paying her debt is the only goal in Andy's life. Working 15 hour days is her only means for achieving that goal. Unfortunately, her body has finally reached the end of its rope and decides it really needs a nap...just before her boss walks in to see her sleeping on the job. Alex has never encountered an employee sleeping on the job, and he is stunned to find not just a sleeping employee, but a sleeping beauty! He has no choice but to fire her, but after she walks out, he can't help but question his decision. Ms. Shortt has written a wonderful story about the poor damsel in distress being rescued by the handsome (and very rich) prince charming. There were quite a few grammatical errors in the story, but I laughed, cried and cheered on the couple to their happy ever after. Despite the errors, Paying Her Debt was an enjoyable read.

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