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Friday, December 23, 2011

Review – Redeeming Zorus By Laurann Dohner

Redeeming Zorus

Title :  Redeeming Zorus

Author:  Laurann Dohner

Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave

Buy Link:  Buy Redeeming Zorus Here!

Rating:  You Need To Read

Reviewed By:  Donna

Story Blurb: 

Book 6 in the Cyborg Seduction series.

Charlie’s brother has put her in the no-win situation of having to rescue a cyborg from Earth Government. It’s dangerous, she’ll become an outlaw on Earth, but it’s the only way to save her brother’s life. The imprisoned cyborg is rude, conceited and probably the biggest jerk she’s ever had the misfortune to meet. His only redeeming qualities are his handsome face and sexy, muscular body. Just wow! Still, she can’t wait to be rid of him.

All cyborgs hate humans, but Zorus is consumed by it. Chained, enslaved and facing death on Earth once again, he vows revenge. To his utter astonishment, a human female comes to his rescue. She’s rude, mouthy and bossy. And very brave. She baffles him almost as much as she arouses him. Zorus cannot deny that he’s fascinated by her. They are about to lock wills and ignite a firestorm of desire that defies every rule he lives by.


Zorus is disliked by his own people for the choices he has made, but everything he has done has been for the benefit of cyborgs as a whole.  Charlie must have ‘sucker’ written across her forehead, because she let her brother talk her into another dangerous situation to save his hide.  Sparks fly and tempers flare as soon as Zorus is released, however he quickly realizes that Charlie is not only noble and compassionate, but also brave and…beautiful.

Laurann Dohner has taken sci-fi to another level.  An erotic, riveting arena where cyborgs battle androids and love still conquers all.  Ms. Dohner continues to use vivid descriptions that paint a wonderful picture of life in space and on alien planets.  Her characters have depth and the plot is gripping.  You won’t want to put this book down.

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