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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Review – Top Guns By E. Jamie

Top Guns

Title: Top Guns

Author: E Jamie

Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press

Buy Link: Buy Top Guns Here!

Rating: You Want/Need To Read

Reviewed By: Donna


It all started with a bet. Now Allie has to fulfill her partner Jimmy's every desire. Being Allie's partner on the force at the NYPD, Jimmy's greatest desire is for Allie to be his partner in life as well, and this by the book cop is not above getting down and dirty to convince her.


Sex, sex and uh, more sex!  Top Guns is a super short, super hot quickie.  On the police force, Detectives Allie Harris and Jimmy McCullough have been partners for years.  After losing a bet, Allie decides that being partners in life would be no more dangerous than being partners on the job.

E Jamie has pumped a whole lot of steam into 17 pages, and while it is way too short to have very much plot or character development, it was great while it lasted.  If I could change only one thing...  Big, tough guys do not "giggle".  If I could change two things, I'd want more of it!

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