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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review – The Virgin Proxy By Georgia Fox

The Virgin Proxy

Title:  The Virgin Proxy

Author:  Georgia Fox

Publisher:  Evernight Publishing

Buy link:  Buy The Virgin Proxy Here!

Rating:  You Need To Read

Reviewed by:  Donna


The Conquerors, 2

When the Normans conquered England, Deorwynn lost almost everything, including her family. Only one beloved brother survives.  To rescue him, she must sacrifice her virginity in the enemy’s bed.  She should be well prepared.  After spending fifteen years in a grim convent, punished for every sinful thought, Deorwynn can withstand any torment at the hands of a merciless, Norman warrior.
But nothing, she soon learns, could prepare her for falling in love.
Guy Devaux is delighted with the amorous virgin waiting for him on his wedding night.  There’s only one problem.  The saucy-mouthed wench is not his bride. Oh yes, he knows the veiled woman in his bed is an imposter, but he’ll go along with the game.  For now.  The punishment for her deception will come later.
Just as soon as he conquers this foolish desire, this yearning to hear her say she loves him.

Be Warned: multiple partners, anal play.


The second book in the Conquerors series, The Virgin Proxy, was even better than the first book.  Set in the wake of the Duke of Normandy taking over the Saxon kingdom, Deorwynn finds herself drawn to her enemy.  She has agreed to sacrifice her virginity so that her brother can be freed from the new King's dungeon, but what she finds in her enemy's bed is much, much more than she bargained for.

Ms. Fox has expanded on The Ever Knight story with strong characters who are tenacious and bold.  The sex is steamy, the hero is a boy in a man's body, and the heroine is just feisty enough to tame him and help him become a better man.  A very enjoyable read.

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