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Monday, December 12, 2011

Review – White Knight By Mari Carr

White KnightTitle:  White Knight

Author:  Mari Carr

Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave

Buy link:  Buy White Knight Here!

Rating:  You Need To Read

Reviewed by:  Donna


A sequel to Black Jack.

Shea Landon knows this is a bad idea. But when you’re broke, tired and homeless, you do crazy things. She decides to crash in her new place of employment, a fetish club, borrowing the big, comfy bed that’s used as a stage prop. She doesn’t realize she’s not alone…

Travis Knight knows this is a bad idea. As he views his new waitress sneaking around the club after hours, he realizes he should fire her, call the police. Instead, captivated, he watches her on the same security monitors that separate him from the world. Until watching isn’t nearly enough…

Two people—one desperate, one broken, both hopelessly alone. Two people assuaging their needs through spanking and sex games, bondage and taboo fantasy. It’s enough. It has to be—when the biggest secret between them might be a tragedy neither can overcome.


White Knight contains a story within a story, and both of them were excellent.  Shea feels very bad about taking advantage of her employer, but her situation is quite dire.  Travis is ready to call the police but he realizes that his employee is not stealing from him, just simply trying to survive.  After watching Shea on the large bed night after night, never taking anything that isn't hers and making sure that her job is well done, Travis is hooked.  He just has a tiny little problem.  He can't be touched.  Even though he wants Shea's touch desperately.

Ms. Carr has written characters with oomph and pizzazz that are sexy and alluring.  The plot is fresh and unique, the grammar is (almost) flawless, the sex scenes are exhilarating...  Overall an excellent read that was hard to put down!

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