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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review – Why I Love Waiters By T.A. Chase

Why I Love Waiters

Title: Why I Love Waiters

Author: T.A Chase

Publisher: Amber Quill Press

Buy Link: Buy Why I Love Waiters Here!

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: Layne


As a member of a covert army unit, John Davidson isn’t scared of many things, yet one look into the dark blue eyes of Heath Kane and John knew a different kind of fear for the first time. John couldn’t be gay, at least not out and proud in his unit, even with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell being repealed. He’d never been interested enough in any man to risk the fallout.
Heath Kane left home never wanting to return. The army-base town wasn’t the best place for a gay kid to grow up, but his grandmother did her darnedest to make it good for him. Now he’s paying her back for all her love. She’s getting older and needs help with the family restaurant, so he waits tables at the Corner Café while taking online courses to get his degree. Even though the army base provides lots of buff eye candy, he knows it’s best to keep his eyes to himself.
Yet neither Heath nor John can deny their attraction, and when John returns from a visit up North, he seems willing to act on their mutual interest. Are John and Heath willing to risk everything to hold each other?


Why I Love Waiters is the sequel to T.A Chase’s Why I Love Geeks and while it had its moments, Why I love Waiters didn’t really pull me in.

John is military, serving through ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’. His attraction to waiter, Heath complicates his life but he isn’t willing to give him up. I didn’t find myself invested in these characters at all. The dialog read fake and stilted and I found myself thanking my lucky stars when the annoying Herb from Geek made an appearance. At least then I’d be hating someone. Heath was too sweet and puppyish.

I found John and Heath’s chemistry non-existent and the sex scenes blah. I actually liked Heath’s Grandmother and enjoyed their scenes together. She was funny.

John’s character was more fleshed out than Heath’s though T.A Chase could’ve dug a bit deeper into his Military life. When John’s brother Chuck and the every-yammering Herb show up, they steal the show and the HEA.

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  1. Layne,

    Thank you for the review and for writing such a thoughtful review. Sorry it didn't grab you, but I understand your reasons why. :)



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