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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review – Caught in a Spider’s Web By Empress LaBlaque

3 Caught in a Spider's Web

Title : Black Satin Confessions: Caught in a Spider’s Web

Author: Empress LaBlaque

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Buy Link: Buy Caught in a Spider’s Web Here!

Rating : You Want To Read

Reviewed By :Rasia

Blurb :

Vestal Davis has a terrible crush on her supervisor, Cason Bridges. Cason does not realize Vestal exists until he uses her to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. .Suddenly Cason becomes smitten by Vestal’s charming personality, and falls hard for her. After a few years, something about his past is still haunting him.

Finally, Cason goes back to his ex lover and Vestal finds herself out in the cold. When Karen takes Cason to see how terrible Vestal is getting along without him, Cason realizes he really did love her.

Will she take him back and is revenge really sweet?

Review :

Vestal has always loved Cason, Cason on his time uses that love for his own benefit, to make his ex-girlfriend Karen jealous. De pretense leads to them getting married and having a child on the long run. But things go downhill when Vestal doesn’t get her old figure back. Vestal suspects he’s been cheating on her with Karen, when Vestal confronts him he denies and the fight takes a disastrous turn when Cason want to divorce her. She agrees and leaves the following day with their child.

The story has been written in a third person perspective making it hard to relate to the characters and to get into the story. There’s no chemistry between the characters and as a reader I get the feeling Cason hasn’t loved Vestal or their child at all. What father would divorce his wife leaving here with nothing, not even child support. Furthermore he doesn’t ask for a joined custody of their child, in fact no measures are taken at all to see the child.

After reading the first two books, I was disappointed in this one. The storyline was good but wasn’t worked out correctly.

Series Review:

Overall the anthology is well written, a few grammar mishaps here and there. Some stories better than the other. But a good read nonetheless.

However after reading each story I couldn’t shake the feeling of doing physical harm to the cheating. lying and abusing men.. After facing the troubles the women went through with their significant other also makes you question what a happy ending really is about and if it really was worth the trouble.

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