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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review – Enraptured By Jayne Fresina


Title: Enraptured (A Private Collection)

Author: Jayne Fresina

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Buy Link: Buy Enraptured Here!

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed By: Donna


A Private Collection

Harry Blackwood has a rule never to sleep with a woman younger than thirty.  But he’s also never been to a ball uninvited, stripped naked over tea in a quiet parlor, stepped inside a male bordello, been spanked by anyone other than his father, or become emotionally involved in another person’s life.   And within a few hours, all that will change.

Christina Deveraux is nineteen, untamable as a hellcat and determined to enjoy Harry Blackwood’s abundant favors the moment he drops his trousers in her front parlor.  As for his silly rules— she’s never met a rule she couldn’t break.  After all, it is only sex, it’s her trade now she’s been left to manage her mother’s house of sin, and she has enough theory advice from a set of explicit diaries. 

Now she wants to put text into practice.  And Harry just happens to be the perfect study mate.


Bitter disappointment engulfs Harry Blackwood when he realizes that the woman he is lusting after is only nineteen years old.  And he’s almost twice her age.  Frustratingly stubborn, Christina Deveraux is a temptress he simply cannot deny, and so he becomes a slave to her beauty and her passion.

Christina wants nothing more than to keep him enraptured, but she fears, and rightfully so, that he will enchant her, enslave her to his every whim until there is nothing left of her will.  Harry Blackwood is just too much for her, but how will she live without him? 

It isn’t often that an author can write an erotic romance with enough wit to leave readers laughing, enough raw emotion to make them cry, and enough steaming hot sex to raise their heart rate and kick-start their libidos.  Ms. Fresino has done all that with her Blackwood trilogy, and I am enthralled!

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