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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review – Heart Desires By Becca Dale

Heart Desires

Title: Heart Desires (1Night Stand series)

Author: Becca Dale

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Buy Link: Buy Heart Desired Here!

Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewed By: Donna


Devlynn Connors doesn’t trust her own ability to find a man who isn’t a control freak, but when she turns her future over to her friends and Madame Eve, she fears nothing will change.

When he flies to Las Vegas for a 1Night Stand hook-up, First Lieutenant Stephan Mallard isn’t looking for love. He’s looking to appease his sister’s fear that he will end up alone. A man can do anything for one night, right?

Can Madame Eve overcome misinformation and misperceptions or will Devlynn and the Lieutenant go home alone?


Is there such a genre as erotic comedy?  If so, I believe that Heart Desires by Becca Dale should qualify.  Erik and Devlynn are two strangers on a plane.  They end up sitting together as if by chance, but Madame Eve with 1Night Stand is mysteriously at work to make their first impression of each other a great one.  The two hit it off so well that they end up joining the mile high club within hours of meeting, but misunderstanding and miscommunications lead to nearly disastrous results for their budding relationship.

Ms. Dale has packed a lot of chemistry, smoking hot sex and even a few lines of comedy into a short story.  Heart Desires is well written, fast paced and very arousing, leaving a heartwarming smile on this reviewer’s face.  I can’t wait to read more by this author.

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