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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review – Her Chrystal Chameleon By Empress LaBlaque

4 Her Crystal Chameleon

Title : Black Satin Confessions: Her Chrystal Chameleon

Author: Empress LaBlaque

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Buy Link: Buy Her Chrystal Chameleon Here!

Rating : You Want To Read

Reviewed By :Rasia

Blurb :

Rustin lives in Chloe’s basement. Though he pays rent, he also teaches her the fundamentals of making love. If Chloe’s husband discovers their luscious tenant isn’t gay, heads will fly. With his chestnut hair and dreamy eyes, Rustin is a real head turner; a mouthwatering treat, even to men

Review :

Chloe has been married to Barron for seven years. The past years Barron barely spends time at home, with his wife and daughter. Which made Chloe reach out for Rustin, a fellow attendant of the sociology class she is following. She got to know Rustin when they were paired up for an assignment. At first they both keep their distance since they are both in a serious relationship with another. But sexual tension flared and couldn’t be denied any longer. When Rustin needs a new apartment Chloe suggests him to move in to their basement. Rustin accepts the offer but how will the explain to Barron?

Easy, Chloe introduces Rustin as her gay friend from sociology class. Thus continuing their affair. Barron has no problem letting Rustin stay but avoids him at all cost. Which makes Rustin suspect that Barron might be gay. When Rustin poses this to Chloe she lashes out, there’s no way Barron is gay, is he?

This book makes up for the previous one, the conversations and the chemistry between Chloe and Rustin are very enjoyable. As the reader you really get the feeling they love each other. The possessiveness Rustin shows when Chloe mentions spending time with Barron only confirms to that feeling. Rustin will do anything to have Chloe all for himself, who doesn’t wish for that kind of man.

Series Review:

Overall the anthology is well written, a few grammar mishaps here and there. Some stories better than the other. But a good read nonetheless.

However after reading each story I couldn’t shake the feeling of doing physical harm to the cheating. lying and abusing men.. After facing the troubles the women went through with their significant other also makes you question what a happy ending really is about and if it really was worth the trouble.

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