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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review – My Italian Vendetta By Empress LaBlaque

2 My Italian Vendetta

Title : Black Satin Confessions: My Italian Vendetta

Author: Empress LaBlaque

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Buy Link: Buy My Italian Vendetta Here!

Rating : You Want To Read

Reviewed By :Rasia

Blurb :

Nedra is terribly obese. Ruben is her gorgeous husband. Everyone knows he's using her for her daddy’s money and political pull. Ruben can’t seem to behave himself. In short, he’s a sensual package dressed as a mayor. When Nedra befriends a confident and elegant big gal, she teaches Nedra how to love herself. Suddenly, everyone is watching this Big Beautiful Gal, including her suspicious husband. It’s time for revenge!

Review :

The story revolves around Nedra who has a low self esteem because she’s overweight and her cheating husband Ruben rubs doesn’t help with that. He’s constantly making her feel bad about herself telling her how lucky she is to be his wife and has sex with anything female that throws herself at him. Every time he’s caught cheating he promises that it will not happen again. Hollow promises. After Nedra caught him in the act with a woman he supposedly hates, she’s bent on giving him a piece of his own medicine. On one of her walks through the park she meets Beatrice, also overweight but carries herself with grace and sensuality. Nedra approaches her and they bond instantly, and Beatrice offers to help. With her help Nedra changes her outer appearance and gains her confidence back. Beatrice introduces her cousin, Mathias to Nedra.

Mathias showers her with compliments which boosts her ego. Her husband gets suspicious when he sees all the changes in his wife. Will Nedra succumb to the temptation Mathias brings or will she stay faithful to her husband (even though he doesn’t deserve it).

The reader can easily relate to Nedra’s insecurity about her outward appearance, as is it well written. The relationships are taken to the background. Whereas the transformation of a shy woman with a low self esteem who has blossomed to a confident and sensual woman stands on front.

Series Review:

Overall the anthology is well written, a few grammar mishaps here and there. Some stories better than the other. But a good read nonetheless.

However after reading each story I couldn’t shake the feeling of doing physical harm to the cheating, lying and abusing men.. After facing the troubles the women went through with their significant other also makes you question what a happy ending really is about and if it really was worth the trouble.

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