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Friday, January 27, 2012

Review – The Paper Doll By Empress LaBlaque

5 PaperDoll

Title : Black Satin Confessions: The Paper Doll

Author: Empress LaBlaque

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Buy Link: Buy The Paper Doll Here!

Rating : You Want To Read

Reviewed By :Rasia

Blurb :

Determined to free her husband from prison, Blanca plays with the fires of past desire. Convinced that Fish sent her husband to jail, Blanca begs this drug supplier to confess to his crime. Unknown to her, Fish has other motives for having his older brother incarcerated. With Whiskey out of his way, Fish reclaims the woman he feels is rightfully his.

Review :

Blanca was shopping close to home when a colleague of Whiskey came to give her the bad news that Whiskey had been arrested. Her whole collapsed then and there.

Believing in his innocence, Blanca knows he has been framed. Although she suspects it’s his brother Fish’s doing, Whiskey doesn’t want to believe that. But Blanca keeps praying that Fish will tell the truth sooner or later.

Love the conversations Blanca and Whiskey have when she visits him. The concern he shows for the family he believes he let down is heartbreaking. As is the fact that Blanca has to take care of their child on her own when she also has to pay all the bills. She can’t rely on family for help and it doesn’t help that Fish, the cause of it all keeps lurking around here. I admire the courage and determination Blanca has to not give up without a fight.

Series Review:

Overall the anthology is well written, a few grammar mishaps here and there. Some stories better than the other. But a good read nonetheless.

However after reading each story I couldn’t shake the feeling of doing physical harm to the cheating. lying and abusing men.. After facing the troubles the women went through with their significant other also makes you question what a happy ending really is about and if it really was worth the trouble.

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