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Monday, January 23, 2012

Review – She By Empress LaBlaque

1 She

Title : Black Satin Confessions: She

Author: Empress LaBlaque

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Buy Link: Buy She Here!

Rating : You Want To Read

Reviewed By :Rasia

Blurb :

SHE is Lyria Grayson. After leaving an abusive relationship, Lyria became a Pulitzer Prize winning author. While hosting a book signing, she met and married wealthy Ezra Westbrook. Although she has everything she wants, the past still haunts her. The house where her torture occurred still stands. She vowed that one day she would return and burn it to the ground. Finally, that day has arrived.

Review :

The story begins after her marriage with Ezra. In her flashbacks Lyria takes the reader to events in her past, the abusive relationship with her ex and how she met Ezra. Though Ezra knows that she was abused by her ex, Lyria didn’t tell him about the extent of the abuse.

Which results in him not understanding her need to burn down the house where she has suffered so much. Ezra tries to talk her out of it but she doesn’t listen to him and leaves to burn down the house behind his back.

The story has been written form Lyria’s point of view. What makes it really easy to relate to her feelings of anxiety and fear. In the story I miss the part of how she was discovered as an author. And why she didn’t report her abusive ex too the officials. But that doesn’t take away that it’s a great story of a woman who has overcome the abuse that has been done to her, and has learned to love and trust again with help from her husband.

Series Review:

Overall the anthology is well written, a few grammar mishaps here and there. Some stories better than the other. But a good read nonetheless.

However after reading each story I couldn’t shake the feeling of doing physical harm to the cheating. lying and abusing men.. After facing the troubles the women went through with their significant other also makes you question what a happy ending really is about and if it really was worth the trouble.

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