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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Review - Techno Thrall by Storm Grant

Title: Techno Thrall
Author: Storm Grant
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc.
Buy Link: Techno Thrall

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: Laura

Deyla Reckard is a detective in a world where robots are commonplace. More and more work positions are being held by very high-tech, very human-like robots. Secretaries with tan lines, receptionists who are actually built into a desk and e-human models that are exclusively used to be someone's companion are all available now. Deyla has a personal aversion to all things robotic and tries to keep things as simple as possible in her own life. She is dealing with post-traumatic stress syndrome and is trying to overcome it. This leads to her strained relationship with her co-workers and people she encounters in life.

The book is a short read and contains technological terms and futuristic possibilities. It presents what life could be like without the necessity for humans to perform the number of jobs that robots could do. The simplicity of programming one to do the job and not worry about worker's compensation, retirement funds, etc. make this a very real possibility. Deyla engages in various and sundry one-night stands with men and is capable of moving on immediately after. This was a little hard to fathom considering how paranoid she appears to be in general when it comes to strangers. Additionally, the story ends on a very odd note. I still am not sure I competely understood the author's objective. Overall, it did not capture and hold my attention. I found myself turning the pages just to get on with the plot not because I was unable to stop myself. I believe if the reader is interested in science fiction and all that the future could hold, the reader will appreciate the story. If the reader is looking for romance, it will not be their cup of tea.

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