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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Review - Under the 5th Street Bridge by Carla Rossi

Title: Under The 5th Street Bridge
Author: Carla Rossi
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Val


Trey Lawson returned from war with a combat injury and a long road to recovery. A year later, his life appears to be back on track, but he’s not exactly where God wants him. He couldn’t be. He’s miserable. Joy Cavanaugh has waited a year for Trey to snap out of it. Their once-serious relationship has all but disappeared since his return. She’s convinced he still loves her, but why has he shut her out? He’s made it clear he’d rather spend his time ministering to the homeless men under the 5th Street bridge than to allow her back into his life. As they herald the holiest of all Christian celebrations, can Trey let God resurrect his life, or will Joy have to give him up forever?

Trey Lawson was a wounded man, both physically and spiritually. He had turned his back on his one and only love convincing himself that it was for the best. Joy Cavanaugh had tried to be patient enough to wait on Trey to realize the mistake he was making and what he was turning his back on. On a day when she could take no more heartbreak, she turned it all over to God.

Under the 5th Street Bridge was a very touching and sweet read that really captured my attention. The feelings of a man who had come back from war wounded added a very realistic element to this story that a lot of our soldiers are coming home feeling. There is only so far we can go as humans before we have to turn it over to God, the only one who can truly change anything. This book was all about new beginnings and although this story was based around the Easter holiday, a lesson can be learned year round by reading it. I enjoyed reading Under the 5th Street Bridge and I know you will too. I look forward to reading more work from Carla Rossi. This book was written with deep conviction and passion. I would have loved it to be longer as it was a very entertaining read. If you enjoy inspirational books with a very real story line, and have limited time to read a long story then I would recommend this very well written quick read.

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