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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Review - Summer Lovin' by Various Authors

Title: Summer Lovin', A Young Adult Collection of Summer Romances

Author: Various

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press - Climbing Roses Line

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Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewer: Laura

From a rich Southern country club to a Midwest ranch and all the way to the cool beaches of the Pacific Northwest, this sweet collection of summer love stories revels in the magic of first love. You’ll enjoy stories by:
Dara Edmondson, Laurie J. Edwards, Mona Ingram, Kimberlee R. Mendoza, Sydney Shay, and June Sproat

Get ready for some Summer Lovin’.

In Society Girl written by Dara Edmondson, the reader is introduced to Vanessa VanHorn who is a country club girl through and through. Nick is the pool boy at the club. As she becomes increasingly attracted to him, she begins to worry less about what her friends and family would think and begins to put her heart first.

In Summer Storms by Laurie J. Edwards, Paige DeVrie and her mother are flood victims who are forced to accept charity when they lose everything. Paige befriends a kind rescue worker named Chase who wants to help her regain not only some material possessions but her floundering belief in herself.

Sandcastle Daze by Mona Ingram follows a sand sculpture competition in Oceanside, California. Carolyn Butler is a volunteer who meets a competitior by the name of Diego. He reveals a resolution between him and his father that, in turn, helps Carolyn assist another friend, Todd, in his quest for self-fulfillment.

Wish Upon a Rock Star by Kimberly R. Mendoza brings a rock star in cognito together with his biggest fan, Robin Moss. Unbeknownst to Robin, Jake just wants a leisurely vacation. Both are in for a bit surprise.

Saddle Up, Sweetheart by Sydney Shay centers on a working ranch owned by Russ Kent's father. One of the employees is Natalie Cooms. Natalie and Russ are boyfriend and girlfriend but Russ is afraid to take the next step. Will a little space force them closer or keep them moving apart?

The final story is Just Perfect penned by June Sproat. Who knew that a mini golf course could be the centerpiece for fun, foolishness and heartbreak? CJ finds out that while Billy is the "total package," the perfect man by the name of Matt could be standing right in front of her.

This collection of short stories is immensely satisfying and truly enjoyable. The setting in each individual story is unique and completely different from the others. Anyone can find a favorite or two and consider their time and money well-spent.


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