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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Review - Truths Unveiled by Kimberly Alan

Title: Truths Unveiled

Author: Kimberly Alan

Publisher: White Rose Press

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Rating: You Need To Read It

Reviewed by: Vivienne

Pamela Harrington always vowed that she would never return to Middleton, but when she is offered a fantastic new position at the brand new medical center, she knows she has to reconsider. Whilst in Middleton, she runs into the original love of her life Tom Jarrod and her heart and mind are set into turmoil. Tom want her to move back to Middleton, take the job and marry him as he is not going to let her leave again. However, someone is convinced that Pamela should not return to Middleton and is determined to bring up the events of her past to make sure she doesn’t return.

This book is a thrilling roller coaster from the first chapter. As soon as Pam arrives back in Middleton, she is thrust into the action, rushing to attend a horrific accident scene.

Pam and Tom are fantastic characters and you are rooting for their relationship from the very beginning, yet there are many obstacles along the way and their love just doesn’t run smoothly. Tom’s ex-wife Susan is pure evil and will stop at nothing to destroy their blossoming relationship.

You are drip fed the back-story from the beginning and I found myself desperate to find out how it all began. It is definitely a real page-turner. Kimberley Alan has definitely done her research for this book, as the medical scenes are very detailed and accurate.

The book is full of references to God and the character’s belief in him and you are rooting for these lovely characters to be together without all the problems they have faced.

This is definitely a fabulous story that keeps you on the edge of your seat and finishes with an explosive unexpected ending.

The only thing that stopped it reaching the highest rating was that sometimes I found the story to repeat itself and I found that a little annoying, other than that it was a thrilling read, which I recommend you buy.

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