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Friday, August 14, 2009

Review - Dogspell by Lizzie T. Leaf

Title: Dogspell

Author: Lizzie T. Leaf

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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Rating: You NEED to Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

Has Randall McAllister gone to the dogs?

Once again, his witchy teenage sisters screwed up a spell at his expense, leaving him a black Scottie. Doing what comes naturally to dogs, he collides with the car of the town veterinarian. Living with the compassionate Amanda Livingston, he discovers the love of his dreams.

Will he spend his life as a lap dog to the woman he knows is his soul mate, or will he be able to break the dog spell?

This is quick read and a fun romping tale!

Amanda loves animals and has come to believe she has better luck with them than she has with men! She adopts the sweet little Scottie after she hits it. While she pours out her troubles to the pooch Alistair, she has no idea that Randall can understand every word!

Randall is a busy attorney who has taken some time off to watch his twin sisters, the “demon duo”. After they mistakenly turn him into a dog, Rand tries to focus on his human feelings but the natural dog urges sometimes get the best of him! Other times he deliberately uses those natural urges to charm Amanda or annoy her dates! Randall falls hard for Amanda and is frustrated to stand by as a little dog while she goes out with guys he doesn’t like at all! He’s glad to be in her bed at night as the dog but really wants to be there as her mate!

Randall finally gets a chance to be a man with Amanda and sets out to woo her. He doesn’t know how long he will be human so he pushes to get closer quickly. Amanda is wary due to past experiences and thinks that Randall may be out to get “lucky” after which he will disappear!

Randall is going to disappear and become the dog again if his family doesn’t find a way to reverse the spell. How will he keep Amanda from feeling betrayed when he disappears? And worse yet – what if she finds out he is the dog that snuggles with her? How will she react to that?!

I liked how the characters are real to their roles and the writing is brisk and the dialog is snappy. There is the added banter of a smart aleck cat who is the family familiar. There was some blunt and raw language but it didn’t detract from the delightful story. Since I don’t want to give away anything, to find out whether Randall really goes to the dogs, you need to read this charming book!

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