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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Review - The Summoner by Alisha Steele

Title: The Summoner

Author: Alisha Steele

Publisher: Lyrical Press

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

The enemy may be his only hope...

Fallen angel Kasdeya hates all mortals. They’re little more than playthings, as far as he’s concerned. But when he finds himself facing a thousand-year prison sentence, he has no choice but to call on the one woman who might set him free: the Summoner.

His plan is simple...seduce her for his own purposes, then throw her away. If only she weren’t so argumentative, so intelligent. If only she weren’t so damned sexy!

Every girl wants a bad boy. They are like a wild stallion, a challenge to tame and a hell of a ride. And it’s hard to find a bigger badder boy than the fallen angel who is second only to Lucifer himself.

This story is great, it’s dark and sensual and hot as hell.

One of the main conflicts of this story is the question, “Is true love worth the loss of an immortal soul?” This question is repeated several times as both characters agonize over the choice that will ultimately have to be made. It provides excellent tension as a back drop to their relationship.

Unfortunately, the author tripped at finish line.

When the moment came, the choice is taken away. When Uriel arrives, he is decidedly unangelic. While the Fallen Angel is trying to cure cancer in a small child, Uriel not only offs the heroine, he then beats on Kasdeya while he is desperately trying to be at the side of the dying woman he loves. He does not even bother to aid the child who will otherwise suffer chemo and a painful death. Not once was salvation offered to any of these souls. Yes, angels are supposed to fight demons, but they are also supposed to save souls.

Uriel is an angel. He doesn’t have to be a nice guy, he doesn’t even have to be a likeable guy; but he does have to be a good guy.

But more to the point, his appearance was a perfect chance to answer the question what her love was worth. But instead of actually giving the character the choice that had been pushed for the entire story, the proverbial rug is yanked from under our feet to force the story is a certain direction.

Overall, this is really the wonderful story and I highly recommend it, but I firmly believe that if a story hangs on a character’s choice, the character should have to actually make that choice.

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  1. Thank you for a very intelligent and thoughtful review, Janelle.


    Alisha Steele


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